Prophetess Collette Williams is Christian Leader and mentor who has had a wide reach and influence across the globe. She is the Founder of Eternal freedom ministries international, a bible based Christian church founded in Harare, Zimbabwe and is setting up branches across the word mentoring and training leaders in ministry.

She is the founder of Lionesses of the kingdom, a women’s ministry setup to empower women with knowledge and understanding helping them unleash the power within. It is an area of her life where she helps heal broken women into powerful lionesses through the word of God.

As Honorary President of the Girls Brigade which trains and empowers the girl child in the ways of the Lord, she also focuses on building the future generation into God fearing leaders.

Prophetess Collette Williams is also the founder of Abraham's bosom a humanitarian arm of Eternal Freedom Ministries that has brought so much good to the communities around her. Through this area of ministry she has multiple awards for the humanitarian work she has done.

Prophetess Collette Williams Travels around the world preaching the gospel followed by signs and wonders.


Years of

P rophetess Collette Williams has a doctorate in humanity she is a peace ambassador for SPMUDA a registered non-profit, non stock and non partisan NGO for peace, unity and development. It has branches all over (193) countries represented by its volunteer Goodwill Ambassadors to link and collaborate understanding, friendship and cooperation on matters of mutual interest for the welfare and benefit of the poor and the needy. She is Director General for the same organisation (SPMUDA).

All this she does and is still a family woman, married with 3 daughters, she is business woman and in ministry work as a Prophetess she also functions in the gift of healing and working of miracles in the spiritual lineage of Kathrine Khulman and Pastor Benny Hinn. She has also been endowed With the gift of fruit of the womb, turning the lives of those that are barren to become fruitful and bear children.

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