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Eternal Freedom Ministries International was founded in March 2009. The founders are Apostle Derrick and Prophetess Collette Williams. God has spoken to them to go forth and set the captives free. That is what they are doing.

Through the gospel they have ministered to the broken hearted, the needy, the sick, the discouraged and have been followed by extensive miracles revealing the power and glory of God. They are involved in looking after the widows and the orphans.
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Some of the areas in our Ministry

Lionesses of the Kingdom is an arm of EFMI formed by Prophetess Collette Williams for the sole purpose of mentoring and building women all over the world spiritually, in business and every other area of their lives.

She teaches and builds women to become leaders, mentors them to become the best of themselves and fulfill their purpose in Christ Jesus. Lionesses of the Kingdom are groomed to be industry leaders, to be ministers of the gospel and to nature their families in a Godly manner.

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Lions of the Kingdom is an arm of EFMI formed by Apostle Derrick Williams with the intention of building up leaders with a difference. The purpose of this section is the groom men who are God fearing, leaders in family, leaders in Industry and world changers.

Teachings based on biblical principles are applied to real life situations where faith is tested and the power of God proved to exist through different kinds of experiences. Led by the Holy spirit, The Aposlte and the pastors strive to bring members of a higher spiritual realm where they are edified by the Lord.

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